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A New Smoke Free You Is Born


Nicotine is a harmful chemical that is found in cigarette and other tobacco consumption products. The chemical is not only toxic but it is also extremely addictive.

It alters the body’s functionality to the point that the patient builds a dependency on the chemical for other biological responses. Quitting nicotine addiction can get very tricky and often extremely difficult for people (however it must be noted the common misconception that it is typically in the form of smoked tobacco that people expose themself to nicotine addiction and do not realize the many other hundreds of possibly addictive and highly toxic other chemicals involved in their habit).

Nicotine and tobacco smoke withdrawal symptoms can be managed if you know what to look for and understand the efforts that are specifically required to deal with the issue. Nicotine acts on many levels to create a semblance in the body responses that will make the patient crave a hit to mimic those responses at will. Nicotine is absorbed in to the blood stream within a few seconds and it initiates the surge of adrenaline in the body’s system.

This creates a pseudo-excited feeling in the patient.

The blood pressure and heart rate accelerate. KR808D-1 is electronic cigarettes that essentially demand the same behavior as smoking a normal or a v2cigarette. The difference is that the cartridges in the KR808D-1 cigarettes contain Nicotine (aka E-Liquid)  in measured amounts. Thus, there can be a proper control of the quantity of nicotine getting in to your body’s system. KR808D-1 spec e-cigs are not expensive and they are available online as well as in many retail shops.

The devices are easy to handle and they definitely put the control of the addiction in your hands.


The Eye-Popping, Creative, & Delicious Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Hey, even tobacco taste delicious for smokers and something they can’t do without which is why they’ve become addicted to cigarettes, and when it is available as electronic cigarette liquid, it’s an obvious sign to quit smoking regular cigarettes.

The fact is, electronic cigarette makers know that to get smokers to quit a bad habit, they have to offer more – and that’s why there electronic cigarette liquid ( ) formulas that are exciting, intriguing, and quite appealing to the senses.

Whatever electronic cigarette starter kit you decide to buy, there are choices galore for electronic cigarette flavors. Not only that, one is given the freedom to choose the nicotine strength which generally ranges from 32 mg down to 0 mg or no nicotine at all.

As far as flavors are concerned, the choices are fruity like apple, banana, strawberry, grape, and cherry. You may also discover unusual flavors like coffee, java, chocolate, apple pie, or traditional flavors like menthol, mint, and tobacco of varying strengths. It’s just like classic Red Marlboros, Lights, and Menthols choices.

The electronic cigarette liquid also comes in different packaging. You have the pre-filled cartridges, cartomizers, and the empty, refillable cartridges.


The Pre-Filled Cartridges

These are the original form for electronic cigarettes. It’s recommended for beginners and those who just don’t enjoy experimenting with their e-cig and electronic cigarette liquid flavors. It’s very cut and dried with a pick and buy kind of process. These cartridges are disposable and come in a pack of 20.

The Cartomizer

The cartomizer is the newest design in electronic cigarettes. It has the atomizer and is also disposable. The electronic cigarette liquid is pre-chosen and one can’t make his or her own blends. This isn’t a big issue since most brands offer wide selections of electronic cigarette liquid flavorings.

The Empty, Refillable Cartridge

For the closet chemist or anyone who enjoys making his or her own concoctions, the empty, refillable cartridges are perfect. It can be used several times and one only has to order the refill bottles. Mix different flavors so you come up with your own original electronic cigarette liquid flavors. Why not try mixing strawberry with menthol and chocolate? You could also come up with a banana split flavor or a apple pie ala mode mixing apple pie with vanilla!

Other Popular Pre-Mixed Electronic Cigarette Liquid Flavors

Since there will come times when you just want to use your e-cig without the hassle of mixing and blending, here are some of the most popular choices in the market:

The MV E-Juice (PG) – This has 2 kinds of nicotine strengths: the light and regular. The electronic cigarette liquid is sold in 5 to 10 ml bottles with flavors like menthol, apple, tobacco, and coffee.

The MV E-Liquid USA (PG/VG) – PG refers to a food grade ingredient, propylene glycol and VG stands for vegetable glycerin. They allow the liquid to turn to vapor. Flavors available are chocolate, menthos, cherry cola, and others. For those who are firm believers in US standards, you’ll be glad to know that this brand is 100% US-made. They come in 10 ml bottles and in 3 nicotine strengths: light, regular and heavy.

The Halo E-Juice USA (PG/VG) – Another US made brand with exclusive flavors should make a lot of electronic cigarette liquid users very happy. The quality is superb and refined. It also comes in 3 nicotine strengths: light, regular and heavy.

You can use any of these electronic cigarette liquid bottles with any e-cig brand.

Users of electronic cigarettes usually have heard of Joye Ego and have switched to this brand (or are planning to). It’s currently trending as one of the top most preferred brands in electronic cigarettes in the US, and fast gaining popularity in other countries as well.


The boom has prompted many to ask what exactly Joye Ego e-cig products have that make them so special and desirable. Here is a breakdown of what Joye Ego is all about although be warned that these words will never be sufficient in explaining the experience of using a Joye Ego e-cig. It must be tried personally to fully understand just how spectacular it really is.

First of all, Joyetech Ego performs exactly as an e-cig is meant to – effortless and convenient. It gives a smoker no reason to complain because the product is very user-friendly and stylish. You would never be embarrassed to be seen by your smoker friends with a Joye Ego.

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Every kit of Joye Ego has the complete items needed to get started the minute you open your starter kit. You get the following:

• The superb eGo fast battery charger with USB plug

• 2 pieces of the large 650 mAh rechargeable ecig batteries

• 2 pieces 510 atomizers

• 5 cartridges

• 2 atomizers

• One A/C adapter

• Carry pouch

• Manual

The extra factors that turn the Joye Ego into a blazing success over other brands is that it comes with a 60 day warranty on the batteries against factory defects. The other items in the kit have a cool 14 day warranty which is more than enough time to check out if everything is working. Aside from the cartridges, you can actually check them out in one hour.

Of course it looks good!

Joye Ego has one of the most fashionable and stylish designs in the industry. This is the appeal for the masses who have been surprised at how something that looks terrific can be so affordable and durable.

If you have never heard of Joye Ego electronic cigarettes, and you are just starting to do some research on how you can benefit from switching to e-cigs from tobacco cigarettes, here are some of the most basic but important data:

First of all, you know tobacco cigarettes are dangerous. There are warnings written on every pack you buy from the company that makes them. They do this because they are required by law and it wipes their hands clean from legal problems. This should warn you already that if you get sick, there’s no one else you can blame except yourself. For this reason, smokers have come up with a better alternative – the electronic cigarette. That’s right – smokers are responsible for this device because they know they’re getting the raw end of the tobacco cigarette deal.

So, you get your nicotine without the nasty chemicals and you don’t have to deal with smoke, threat of burning down a house, no smoke odor, no early signs of aging, and no more hanging threat of cancer or heart problems from smoking.

Read More on the JOYEEGO and many other ecig brands at

Joye Ego is your future and if you just try it, we know you’ll love it!

An Exciting E-Cigs Brand Offering an Authentic and World Class Smoking Experience, Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes Gives you Exceptional Quality Without Compromise

High Quality Construction coupled with High Grade Materials means a Stellar Vaping Experience with Breathe Fresh e-Cigarettes


Immediately upon receiving your Breathe Fresh Starter kit, you’ll be instantly convinced that you purchased the perfect electronic cigarette. You’ll be quick to notice that the entire kit has undergone a rather extensive testing process with high quality control standards that the US is known for. Each kit has gone through rigorous trials to ensure the utmost quality. As a result, the Breathe Fresh e-Cigarette works flawlessly and the way it should, hassle-free vaping. With a light-weight frame and a firm, balanced feel that is solid to the touch, the Breath Fresh e-Cigarette isn’t just another high-quality product; it’s THE high-quality product for even those who want an e-Cigarette with that doesn’t fall apart after routine use. With your first puff and an orange glowing LED tip, you’ll be able to experience the single most authentic tasting vapor in the industry. With fully charged batteries out of the box, why wait to try out your new e-Cigarette with a lengthy charge? Simply take out a cartomizer and screw it onto one of the batteries and within seconds, you’re experiencing a quality tasting product.


In Particular, Breathe Fresh e-Cigarettes Gives you an Especially High Quality Tobacco Experience that is Not Only Authentic but Unmistakable


In my personal experience with Breath Fresh, I can say that its vapor is more closely related to a traditional cigarette’s smoke than any other product out in the market currently today. With an undeniably thick and rich tobacco taste, I couldn’t detect any chemical additives and or unpleasant tastes other than the wonderful fruity sensations Breathe Fresh is known for.  In comparison to other brands, Breath Fresh e-Cigarettes don’t just offer an excellent taste but the easiest draw I have experienced with an electronic cigarette. With each puff, lots of satisfyingly rich vapor is produced with the added convenience of it being undetectable to the naked eye giving you an opportunity to smoke with confidence in a public setting.  Each Breathe Fresh cartomizer is individually wrapped in cellophane to ensure a fresh vaping experience that’s new and well deserved.


Your Choice of either the Phenomenal Breathe Fresh Starter Kit or the All-New Breathe Fresh Disposable Electronic Cigarette


Offering a wide range of e-Cigarette starter kits, Breathe Fresh recently introduced a new disposable model which provides virtually the same technology and experience you come to expect from standard starter kits. The advantage to purchasing these disposable e-Cigarettes is that if you ever uncertain of buying a full priced starter kit, a quality disposable model like Breathe Fresh gives you the same experience for less of an investment. If you decide to take the plunge and purchase a Breath Fresh e-Cigarette Starter Kit, expect to pay a competitively priced $69.99 and $89.99 for either the Basic or Premium model Starter Kits.


With the Basic Breathe Fresh Starter Kit priced at $69.99, a great deal for a quality electronic cigarette kit, you get everything you could possibly need to enjoy the best possible vaping experience. Including in each kit is: two fully charged, rechargeable 3.7 Lithium ion 2.75” batteries complete with LED tips, five cellophane protected cartridges/atomizers each individually capped, one USB adapter, one wall mount, and the standard user manual. For those wanting  the Premium edition priced $20 more at $89.99, the Kit includes all of the above but includes a special functional accessory for those who love to smoke in public and smoke often. Nothing can be more frustrating than wanting to smoke your electronic cigarette when you’re stuck with a dead battery or two. Enter the Portable Charging Case (PCC) better known as the ‘Smart Box’, included in each Premium Starter Kit, the ‘Smart Box’ is the size and shape of an ordinary cigarette box. Each box holds a powerful rechargeable battery with slots to recharge two batteries at any given time. As an added bonus, each ‘Smart Box’ offers four refill carts. With the ‘Smart Box’, you’ll never have to worry about running out of a charge or needing a refill when you’re out and about.


Breathe Fresh e-Cigarette not only offer Fantastic Tobacco Cartomizers but Incredible Tasting Vaping Flavors. 


Made from the finest ingredients unparalleled by other cartomizer brands, Breathe Fresh refill Cartomizers share a bond between excellent taste and superior quality. While the flavor range is indeed limited, six flavors (with more following later) should give anyone wanting a rich authentic experience with Breathe Fresh e-Cigarettes unsurpassed taste. Two flavors from their cartomizer line that are clear favorites is their standard Tobacco and Marlboro flavors providing a natural smoking taste with a wonderful taste. Also available are Apple, Vanilla, Menthol, and even Coffee, all exceptionally blended flavors for an excellent electronic cigarette. Nicotine strengths include none to 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, and even 16mg. Personally, I smoke between 18-24mg but with Breathe Fresh I found myself liking the 16mg cartomizers just the same. Though,if in the future, a higher capacity cartomizer closer to 24mg would be available, I’d definitely opt for that instead.


Wrapping up: Closing Thoughts on the Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarette


I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of electronic cigarettes, just about every brand available now, and I absolutely love different kinds of e-Cigarette brands for very different reasons. From their exceptional taste of cartomizers, to build quality, to price, each electronic cigarette offers a unique characteristic that attracts me to one brand over the other. I only tend to review high quality products that I know have or will have a significant feel that sets it apart from the rest. Spending a day or two with a product, really experiencing what it would be like to vape with just this product gives me a clearer sense of what to expect with other brands.


That being said, with the Breathe Fresh e-Cigarette, my expectations have been met. Offering a great “Mini” style electronic cigarette that is above average on all fronts, the Breathe Fresh gives you decent battery life with exceptionally tasting cartomizers that last as much as Breathe Fresh advertises (about one pack each). Breathe Fresh provides a quality experience that is very comparable to smoking traditional tobacco with danger of putting additives in to your body or the hassle of being unable to smoke in public. With a rich vapor volume, expertly crafted construction, and a VERY reasonable price point, Breathe Fresh is a solid product with an equally solid value. For vapers new and old, try Breathe Fresh electronic cigarettes, you really will be amazed by both the quality and price.