Smoking during pregnancy spells big disaster: not only is the woman risking her life, but the proper growth and development of the fetus are compromised as well. Majority of the dangerous chemicals inside the cigarettes including nicotine, cyanide and carbon monoxide can all be transmitted into the placenta thus, severely affecting the baby. Women who find it hard to quit smoking during pregnancy barely notice the effects on their child until it is too late. According to statistics, cigarette smoking accounts for the most adverse effects on babies. They can either be premature, too small, or worst, die while inside the womb of the mother.

Ob-gynaecologists can provide all the advices and medications to help protect the fetus but if the mother still continues to smoke, the baby will surely suffer many health conditions. To help convince a woman to give-up smoking during pregnancy, health advocates and doctors usually put a clear image of what to expect.
Below is a list how the chemicals affect the baby:
Fetal growth limitations
The thought that their babies would be underweight is enough for many mothers to think about kicking off their bad habit. Studies have shown that that smoking one pack daily could decrease the baby’s weight by half a pound. The low birth weight is due to the narrowing of blood vessels caused by the nicotine thereby significantly decreasing the blood and nutrient supply to the baby.
Underdeveloped body and lungs
When the baby is underweight, it follows that they have undeveloped bodies and organs. The lungs is one major organ affected. The newly born baby may need to be attached to a respirator for their first day or weeks outside the womb. Even when they can breathe on their own, they are still at risk for developing respiratory problems like asthma due to their delayed lung development.
Heart and brain disorders
Babies who have smoking mothers have approximately 20 to 70 percent chance of developing congenital heart disease as compared to children whose mothers do not smoke. Such defects can include obstructed blood flow from the right side of the heart to the lungs as well as presence of openings on the chambers of their heart.
The chemicals in the cigarette can also cause several long-term effects on the brain of the baby. They are likely to suffer from learning disorders, low IQs and even some behavioural problems.
Genetic abnormalities
Since the baby’s development is compromised, genetic abnormalities may show up. Majority of these deformities are cleft lip or palate, eyes, ears, bowel and spinal cord malformations. It goes to show that even though the baby is already out of the uterus and not relying on placenta anymore they still continue to suffer the effects of the mother’s smoking.
The result of smoking during pregnancy is a tough pill to swallow and so, one should never doubt in giving up smoking. Do the part of a responsible parent and give your future child the opportunity to live a quality life. The sooner you kick off the bad habit, the better it is for the baby. Think of quitting smoking even when you are still trying to conceive. You will see that every sacrifice is worth it once you see and hold your crying healthy baby in your arms.



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The second trimester begins on the fourth month of pregnancy. By that moment, you start to feel more comfortable about being pregnant. Morning sickness, mood swings, nausea and some other symptoms of pregnancy eventually stop. It’s also the time when the bump is becoming more obvious. The following details below will tell you more about what really happens during the fourth month of pregnancy:

What Happens to Your Baby at 4 Months?

The fourth month is the time your baby starts to grow hairs all over his or her body. Baby’s hairs are called lanugo. Your baby’s body starts to flesh and the veins are becoming less visible. Fatty cells start to form creating a fat layer beneath your baby’s skin keeping your baby warm once he or she goes out from the womb.

4 months pregnant

Lung cavities also develop but will not function until the baby takes his or her first breath. Muscles and bones become more developed as well. Your baby will also start to respond to external sounds. The forth month is also the perfect time to know whether you baby is a boy or a girl.

What Happens to You?

It was mentioned earlier that symptoms of pregnancy begins to fade and you become more comfortable. However, your tummy becomes heavier as if you’re carrying a sack of sand. The stretching of your ligaments can be uncomfortable too.

Vaginal secretions, leucorrhea, also occur. It’s normal and you don’t have to be alarmed. Just keep the area clean by timely changing your undergarments. Other discomforts that you may experience include swollen feet and breast.

Will You Look Different at Four Months?

Apparently, you will. Aside from your tummy, some women gain weight. As morning sickness wanes, you will notice that your appetite increases. Your body’s adjustment with the fluctuating hormonal levels is the reason you feel like eating more.

Five Helpful Tips that You Should Consider

Visit your doctor regularly. It is highly recommended to have your monthly prenatal consultations. This will keep you on track of your current condition such as your blood pressure, sugar levels and more.

Eat well. Keep in mind that you aren’t eating for yourself but you’re also eating for your baby. Eat more nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Avoid excessive weight gain. Your appetite doubles during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to know how to select healthier foods. Excessive weight gain may cause complications such as hypertension, diabetes and difficulties in labor. Your baby might also suffer from obesity.

Engage into light exercises. Doing exercise regularly will not only help you maintain your figure, physically fit women are known to experience less difficulties during labor as well.

Use comfortable clothing. You still want to be gorgeous and look at your best. But when choosing clothes to wear, it’s essential to consider comfort first.

What Husbands Can Do?

Husbands should pay more attention to their pregnant wives. Women are more emotionally sensitive during pregnancy period. For that, it is the perfect time for the husbands to show not only their affection, but their caring abilities as well.

The fun, excitement and other positive feelings should outweigh discomforts and stress during pregnancy. Take care of yourself and look forward for more days, weeks and months to come until your baby will finally come out to this world.


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In the past, it was undesirable for women with systemic autoimmune diseases to get pregnant, but nowadays with good medical attention most of them can have successful pregnancy but usually not easy, as the doctor must be ready to deal with complications for both mother and baby.
Women with autoimmune diseases should know that diseases may affect the childbearing are more likely to affect pregnancy outcome than others so they must pay attention.

Pregnancy and its effects on rheumatic diseases

Throughout the pregnancy time, some effects of inflammation occur when the rheumatic diseases are activated, and in this case medication can be harmful to the mother and the baby, but usually the effects of pregnancy upon rheumatic diseases usually change, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and APS.

RA changes during pregnancy as the symptoms usually improves in pregnant women, and need less medication, but the problem is that the disease may flare up after delivering the baby.
There is a debate about the relation between SLE activity and pregnancy, in general is a tendency for mild to moderate flares, especially during the second half of pregnancy and during the period after delivery, but usually these flares are not dangerous on mother nor on baby’s health, but a recent or current disease flare, and when stopping hydroxychloroquine, the chances of a flare during pregnancy period usually increase.
Increase in the risk of clots in veins and arteries (in Antiphospholipid syndrome “APS”) also obstetric complications such as miscarriage, prematurity or hypertension (high blood pressure) during pregnancy, and if the pregnant woman have a kidney disease there will be a risk of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia are conditions that may damage the mother’s kidneys and liver and also increase the risk of prematurity or death of the fetus, so the woman who have APS needs special care especially in the time of delivery as it can be a dangerous time for her.

Effects of rheumatic diseases on pregnancy

Medications which are suppose to be taken during pregnancy to treat rheumatic disease, are dangerous upon both mother and baby and can cause serious problems that may affect the kidney, especially lupus and APS.
If the mother have or have had kidney disease due to vasculitis, scleroderma or, more frequently, SLE, have a higher risk of severe high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. But usually if blood pressure and kidney functions were normal before pregnancy it’s likely that you can have a good healthy baby.

What to remember and do when a woman is 3 months pregnant?

When a woman is 3 months pregnant there are different kinds of things which she needs to take care of. The first thing to ensure is that she has taken all her tests because these are the most vital tests and she cannot afford not to take them. In addition to that the visits to the doctor should be regular and any kind of problem or anxiety needs to be taken care of. There are a number of issues which arise when the woman who is pregnant is stressed.

3 months pregnant

Therefore, it is very important that the woman lives in an environment which is safe and free of stress. This is the time for the baby to grow and therefore one of the most basic things which need to be taken care of is the food taken by the woman who is pregnant. The food needs to be nutritious and in addition to it the food needs to be eaten at time to ensure that there are less chances of indigestion. There are different kinds of symptoms which might be experienced during this time. In addition to this, there are a number of facts which need to be taken care of in case the woman is 3 months pregnant.

Symptoms and changes and what to remember

Some of the things which need to be taken care of while the woman is pregnant are as follows. Many of these precautions need to be followed by the woman during the pregnancy.

  • The symptoms will be usual like nausea, loss of energy and fatigue however it will get better as time goes by. In addition to this, there might be changes in the sleeping habits. There might be a problem of frequent urination but these are considered to be normal.
  • In addition to this, there are many women who feel bloated or have digestion problems. This is because of the fact that digestion slows down so that the nutrients can be supplied to the baby. There are a number of times the woman might feel bursts of energy during this time which is normal. Care must be taken to ensure that proper nutrition and rest is provided to the woman who is 3 months pregnant.
  • The baby is growing at a rapid rate during this time and when you visit a doctor you might be able to hear the heart beat of the baby on the Doppler. This is one of the most exciting times for the woman who is pregnant.
  • There might be a number of mood changes in the woman but this is supposed to be normal in a woman who is 3 months pregnant.

Reduce the stress

One of the most important things to be taken care of is the tension or the stress the woman might have. There needs to be a stress free environment both at the workplace as well as in the home. Another thing which needs to be understood is that the mood swings are normal and there is nothing unusual in this. A woman who is 3 months pregnant can experience nausea at times.

What are the things to remember when a woman is 2 months pregnant?

There are a number of things to be remembered when a woman is 2 months pregnant. Many of the simple things which if taken care of can result in everything going smoothly. In addition to the different kinds of tests which need to be undertaken it is essential that the woman who is pregnant remains free from all kinds of stress. People all over the world are aware of the different kinds of problems which might arise during pregnancy if the woman is stressed. It is important to remember that there are different things which need to be taken care of. There might be different kinds of symptoms which the women might experience when they are 2 months pregnant.

2 months pregnant

It is one the most important periods of pregnancy because this is the time when the baby’s brain is formed. Therefore, the most important thing is to make sure that the woman gets better nutrition. Once the nutrition has been taken care of it is time for the different kinds of precautions which need to be taken. There are some things which need to be known by the woman during this period. There might be people who might not be aware of the different kinds of physical symbols which show during this time.

Important things to remember

Some of the things which the woman who is 2 months pregnant might go through are as follows. These are the important things which need to be remembered.

  • There might be a number of physical symptoms during this time which is also called the first trimester. There might be fatigue accompanied by nausea. Women might experience frequent urination and associated problems. This is however normal for this period.
  • There might be a problem with the digestive system because the digestive system slows down so as to allow the baby to receive more nutrients. One thing which you need to remember is that you need to continue taking the prenatal vitamins along with your nutritious diet.
  • There are a number of tests which you might need to undergo so make sure you visit the doctor periodically to ensure that there are no complications. Look to follow all the directions of the doctor. Make sure you never skip an appointment with the doctor.
  • When a woman is 2 months pregnant it is essential to understand that this is the time when the body will need rest as well as proper food. Make sure that there are no tensions in the house or office. There needs to be a stress free environment for the woman at both work and home.

What else to know?

This is the time when the veins of the baby are visible. The length of the foetus is about 1 inches and it grows rapidly during this period. In case you are taking any kinds of medicines make sure your doctor knows about it because he will be able to then suggest the best and the safest medicines which you can take during the time when you are 2 months pregnant.

How Can One Be Sure She Is One Month Pregnant?

Most women do not realize whether they are 1 month pregnant. A woman talking about this state means that either they have conceived two weeks before or two weeks after. The symptom for this is similar to the symptoms of premenstrual. A woman cannot be sure whether she is pregnant without doing pregnancy test at home. The symptoms are not the same for all women and it differs to a great extent. One might get sure after missing her first periods. Some women may not notice any kind of symptom being 1 month pregnant. Symptoms are detected as the hormone gets released from the body of the women as implantation of embryo takes place in the uterus.


1 month pregnant

Basic symptoms which can or cannot occur at this time

Few basic symptoms are as mentioned below:-

  • Light bleeding can occur at the time of implantation.
  • Changes in the mood which can occur mostly at the time of periods can also be considered as a basic symptom of pregnancy.
  • Veins of the breast or nipples can become darker and can be consider as a symptom of pregnancy.
  • One can have stomach aches at this time which can be for longer duration than the one which occur at the time of periods.
  • One can even feel that she is pregnant through her intuition.
  • One can even feel tired by not doing any work due to this pregnancy which can also be considered as a symptom.
  • One might also go for urination frequently as this can occur due to extra liquid in the body at the time of pregnancy and also the HCG hormone which gets released at the time of pregnancy. Frequent urination also occurs at the later stage of pregnancy as the baby weight puts pressure on the women bladder.
  • Some might feel sick during morning hours which are not permanent in nature. This sickness can also be occurred at any time.
  • Some might get excited towards a particular food at the time of 1 month pregnant. It is not necessary that the likeness towards food should be the favorite food. Some may start liking food which they hate to eat before pregnancy.
  • Due to progesterone of hormones one might suffer from burning of the heart at the early stages of pregnancy. Later it can be occurred as the baby can put its pressure on the particular region of the abdomen.
  • One can also have problem like constipation due to hormonal changes. The hormones which are released from muscles are useful for the women in giving birth to a baby.
  • One can also suffer from blood pressure problem as the progesterone relaxes the blood vessel which can cause dizziness.
  • One can even have problems for a particular smell of food or some other things.




1 month pregnant woman is hardly aware of the changes most of the time. Hence, a woman should notice these signs to detect whether she is 1 month pregnant in order to take precautions.